filecloudVery simply explained, a cloud is a set of servers which are easily reachable through a device that are situated far away. It could either be a public, a private or a public/private hybrid cloud. Earlier, a factor for offloading to the server or cluster of servers was dependent on the considerable quantity of processing power and the storage capability of the device.

While utilizing a cloud solution, client communication, document management and on the whole, teamwork gets a lot easier. Filecloud is an endeavour for file access, share and sync solution which is hosted on the servers. Readily available file storage is an easier means of sharing files, sync and mobile accessibility. The benefits of filecloud are:

  • Secure File Sharing: On a private or public share, the clients’ business files can be exchanged securely and easily. Large files can be sent through email, perform a file transfer or set up teamwork with project relevant files.
  • Remote Access: The organizations files are accessible in numerous ways such as Virtual Drive, Web Access, Mobile Apps, WebDAV, Desktop Sync etc
  • Prevention of Data Leaks: Unauthorized sensitive data causes permanent damages to key operations and business reputation. Corporate data is safeguarded on devices such as Tablets, Laptops, Smartphone’s and Desktops through exclusive potential to monitor, check and repair data leaks.
  • Security: For secure transfer and data storage all up-to-date encryption techniques and tools are provided with industry standard safety laws for instance SSL, NTLM SSO technologies etc.
  • Large File Support: There are no file size limits. Users are allowed to access, sync and share large files in gigabytes.
  • Multiple Administrators: With one administrator restricted access to process while supporting a huge user base causes blockages, so, Filecloud maintains multi administrator’s support.
  • In-built document preview: Users are enabled to preview file within a web browser. A lot of familiar file formats are supported such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, txt and PDF files.
  • Integrated Home Directory: Home directory made available to users automatically when logged in.

However, work with whichever cloud solution of choice, just bear in mind these important considerations.

Decide on a solution in the authorised area – US lawful professionals should be utilized for US solutions; European lawful professionals should be utilized for European solutions et cetera. In some instances choices are limited while ensuring the user, client and solution provider are subject to similar laws for data access, privacy, investigative and seizure justifications.

Necessary cross-platform broad platform support – Make sure the solution provides flexibility while working with a platform and modern device. Sometimes, one might be working with a PC or iPhone, whereas the iPad or a Mac at another time. Usually, cross-platform solutions are web based, where the web browser is used as a channel (SaaS).

Make sure it’s scalable – Presently the operation might be small while in the near future it may grow. A similar level of performance is to be maintained while adding more users.

On the whole, FileCloud offers control to the internal IT that understands the business perspectives of managing and protecting essential business users’ data.

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