VideoMakerFXHi I am john, a business owner. To promote my business I spend tons of money in online as well offline marketing, but I do not get the anticipated results. Nowadays, video marketing has been the buzzword for many startup and business owner. I too tried my hands in vidomarketing campaign to create an explainer video for promoting my business. I approached some leading professional video making agencies, but the rates quoted by these animation studios made me faint. Then one of my distant friends suggested to availi the service of mediocre video making company. I was happy that they are charging low. My happiness was only for a short span of time. When I got the video my hopes got totally shattered. The video was totally poor quality. The video came with lot of jerky animations, muffled sound, and the video appeared loathsome. I thought this video will totally ruin my present business, and hence simply dumped into the dustbin.  Then I made my own online search to find an appropriate solution, I came across this VidoemakerFx, a Do it yourself (DIY) video maker software. I read the product information, customer reviews and ratings and found it to be extremely good. I purchase it and I am using the software for the past few months. I want to share my expeirence on VideomakerFx


I found the software easy to install, it takes only a few seconds to install

It had a cleared and unfussy workspace, the timeline bar; animation segment, library, texts, pre-animated assets, special effects, custom-made audio tracks and other tool options. The tools are properly arranged and do not confuse the user.


You need not be a techsavvy to use this video maker software, it is exceptionally simple software

You can include your striking video scenes in a jiffy. With the add slide options you can include as many scenes you wish.

Previously , you have to spend a lot of money if you want to purchase animated characters. But all these expenditures can be avoided, when you use VideomakerFx, as there is tons of pre-animated character available in its library

Some of the other thing syou can do with his the useful video making tools is you can personalize your text, color, etc.  Whatever changes you make, you can have a live preview with the help of play, pause and stop buttons.

You can also have the convenience of customizing the background color and be aware of the look and feel of your video. You have surplus of animation effects which you can add to your video.

With a mouse lick you can add your own call to action (CTA). The mains software comes with more 240 prebuilt scenes with which you can make some awesome videos.

With this adept professional DIY video making tool you can make different kinds of video such as 2d animation, typographic, handcraft, whiteboard animation videos. The professional video making agencies charge  100s, 1000s of dollars to make a video, but with the efficient video making tool you  can make your explainer videos in a few seconds thereby saving a great deal of your hard-earned money and precious time

This user-friendly video making software do not come with any watermarking or any other limitations, hence you have the liberty of selling videos and earn money. You will not get this unique facility or freedom in other video making tools


Not much significant drawbacks found.

Bottom line

If you happen to be a startup, owner, business owner or a student, then use this user friendly video making tool to create your own videos and get the desired results.

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